Executive Director of EMILY’s List/Former State Senator Emily Cain (ME-2)

“When I first ran for Congress, I knew fundraising would be a challenge. However, Kalik & Associates was there, every day, making sure I made the best connections and built the right relationships. Their personalized, hands-on approach not only expanded my universe of donors, it helped make me the best- funded Democratic challenger in Maine history. “

- Executive Director of EMILY’s List/Former State Senator Emily Cain (ME-2)
Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3)

“I couldn’t ask for a more dedicated, creative, and hard-working team of fundraising partners. If you are considering hiring Kalik & Associates, do it. They are the best.”

- Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3)

Who We Are

Kalik & Associates, Inc. (K&A) is a political consulting firm with over 50 years of combined experience assisting Democratic candidates, political action committees and progressive non-profit organizations in their quest for successful fundraising. We focus on establishing, maintaining, and enhancing your fundraising operations to solicit individual donors across the nation and in your home state/district, as well as political committees and other groups. Through our personalized, hands-on approach, Kalik & Associates can assist you with developing a finance plan, training staff, implementing high and low-dollar donor programs, event planning, and compliance, along with many other aspects of your finance operation. Our goal is to make you a better fundraiser using new tools, strategies, and skills, and to maximize the success of your overall fundraising efforts.

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The K&A Client Family

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Kalik & Associates specializes in a wide variety of consulting services, including:

Training and Staff Support

Kalik & Associates will be responsible for training fundraising staff, as necessary. We are willing to cover any of the following topics based on the current needs and experience level of finance staff. Basics of Fundraising Making an Ask Creation of a Finance Plan Call […]


Contribution processing in a timely manner that includes depositing checks, source coding, shared document for posted contributions, etc.; Disbursement processing with a system that allows for the authorized members of the team to see all posted payments; Help set up and manage Merchant Account(s), as […]

Non-Profit Organizations

Whether your non-profit organization is looking for help with an event, a specific project, or strategic planning, K&A has the ability to take your fundraising operation to the next level. Our team can provide the support your organization needs to fund and grow your services. […]

Political Campaigns

With over 50 years of combined experience, K&A can assist your political campaign with the best-proven practices for running an efficient and effective fundraising operation. We offer expertise in all aspects of fundraising to ensure you achieve your goals. After assessing the current and past […]

Political Action Committees

If you are just starting a Political Action Committee (PAC), are looking to increase your PAC’s fundraising effectiveness, or looking for opportunities to collaborate around a specific issue, K&A can help make it happen. Our tailored approach provides the necessary tools your PAC needs to […]