With over 50 years of combined experience, K&A can assist your political campaign with the best-proven practices for running an efficient and effective fundraising operation. We offer expertise in all aspects of fundraising to ensure you achieve your goals.

After assessing the current and past performance of your fundraising operation, if applicable, we offer the following services to help maximize the success of your fundraising efforts:

Creation of Finance Plan

  • Determine what are realistic goals for your campaign;
  • Assist with the creation of a comprehensive finance plan and budget;
  • Help identify the tools and resources necessary to achieve your campaign’s fundraising goals;
  • Create a Cash Flow for each fundraising strategy to assist with budgeting and planning;
  • Ensure proper compliance and accounting systems are in place, along with a finance staffing structure that meets the needs of your campaign and finance plan.

PAC and Caucus Member Fundraising

  • Create a personalized PAC plan for the Primary and/or General Elections (This includes researching past performance with PAC community, identifying new prospects by reviewing the background of both the Candidate and opponent(s), researching other candidates with similar profiles, etc.);
  • Provide call sheets for calls that the Candidate must make to PACs;
  • Draft PAC request letters;
  • Follow up with phone calls/emails to PACs;
  • Set up meetings in Washington, DC with PACs;
  • Facilitate the completion of PAC questionnaires, as appropriate;
  • Manage fundraising events in Washington, DC with PAC community;
  • Keep Finance Director & Candidate updated on PAC fundraising efforts;
  • Target and create Caucus Member fundraising plan, as applicable;
  • Advocate and communicate regularly on Candidate’s behalf with various Democratic committees for additional support.

Event Planning

  • Develop a comprehensive event schedule, including house parties, Meet & Greets, major donor receptions, low-dollar events, etc.;
  • Ensure each event has a timeline, budget and tasks are assigned to appropriate staff;
  • Assist with compiling fundraising event prospect lists;
  • Organize and monitor Candidate call time, if needed;
  • Serve as liaison with event host(s) and/or host committee, when appropriate;
  • Assist with design and printing of event materials, including invitations;
  • Coordinate event logistics, including mailings, program, catering, budgets, vendor management, etc.

Washington, DC and National Fundraising

  • Manage your fundraising events in Washington, DC and other cities with individuals;
  • Provide call sheets for calls that the Candidate must make to individuals for upcoming events;
  • Help prospect individual donors, based specifically on your campaign, in select cities across the country;
  • Set up and staff donor meetings in Washington, DC and other cities, as appropriate.

Creation and Implementation of Call Time Program

  • Develop and facilitate an efficient and effective call time program;
  • Train and supervise staff, as appropriate;
  • Develop appropriate Call Time metrics and systems to measure performance;
  • Organize and prioritize the Candidate’s calls;
  • Suggest how the Candidate can improve his/her pitch on the phone;
  • Create scripts for the Candidate to use on the phone, as necessary;
  • Staff Candidate during call time, as needed;
  • Assist with new donor prospecting based on the Candidate’s background, district and experience;
  • Train staff on various methods of donor prospecting, research and targeting;
  • Target specific ask amounts for each donor prospect;
  • Assist with the production of written follow-up to confirmed pledges;
  • Help with phone and email follow-up to confirmed pledges, when appropriate.

Fundraising Staff

  • Assist in creation of job descriptions for your fundraising staff;
  • Help find and interview qualified applicants;
  • Train fundraising staff on all aspects of finance operation, as needed;
  • Supervise and advise your fundraising staff, as needed.

Finance Committee and Surrogate Fundraising

  • Develop specific finance committee system to fit your campaign’s needs and goals;
  • Craft a guide for finance committee members;
  • Assist with prospecting of members and implementation of finance committee structure;
  • Create and assist with management of surrogate fundraising strategy, based on surrogate availability.

Mail/Internet Correspondence

  • Review, edit and format correspondence tailored to your campaign (direct mail, thank you letters, etc.) whether by mail or email;
  • Identify targeted universes to send prospect correspondence;
  • Recommend and supervise fundraising direct mail companies;
  • Assist in the distribution of email correspondence;
  • Help create a comprehensive direct mail/email solicitation and re-solicitation plan.

Other Tasks Related to Fundraising Operation

  • Facilitate the cleaning/organizing of your database;
  • Help create system of tracking pledges, income and the overall progress for your campaign;
  • Recommend and supervise vendors, including financial compliance and caging companies, direct mail firms, website and database software companies, etc., if needed.