• Contribution processing in a timely manner that includes depositing checks, source coding, shared document for posted contributions, etc.;
  • Disbursement processing with a system that allows for the authorized members of the team to see all posted payments;
  • Help set up and manage Merchant Account(s), as necessary;
  • Paying of bills by check and wire with an agreed upon system that covers all parties;
  • Tracking of Cash on Hand through system that shows all transactions through the campaign;
  • Contact Management including combining duplicate records and acquiring required information (i.e. employer & occupation), as necessary;
  • Flagging any potential prohibited contributions, whenever possible;
  • Completing and filing FEC and/or Pennsylvania reports by deadline(s);
  • Report reconciliation to confirm cash on hand, contributions and disbursements match all records;
  • Responding to any inquiries related to compliance, as necessary;
  • Assist or oversee any human resources needs including onboarding, payroll, filings, etc.;
  • Donor research and vetting;
  • Procedure mandatory property and casualty coverages; 
  • Any other miscellaneous items related to the financial compliance of the campaign committee.

Our Compliance Clients

Melissa Borom for Congress (IN-1)
Asha Castleberry-Hernandez for Congress (NY-17)
Rhonda Foxx for Congress (NC-6)
Yvonne Lewis Holley for Lt. Governor (NC)

Robert McWhirter for Maricopa Co. Attorney (AZ)
Stephanie Schmid for New Jersey (NJ-4)
Amanda Stuck for Congress (WI-8)