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October 15, 2015

(Bangor, ME) – Former state legislator Emily Cain announced that she has raised more than half a million dollars to date in her campaign to take back Maine’s 2nd district seat, more than doubling what she raised at the same point during the 2014 cycle from five times as many donors and making her the best-funded Democratic House challenger in Maine history.

In her most recent FEC quarterly fundraising report, Cain posted $205,853 raised between July 1st and September 30th, significantly increasing her own fundraising pace from last quarter despite the entrance of a primary opponent. Cain has amassed nearly 3,100 donors this cycle with an average contribution of $87. In fact, an impressive 95% of Cain’s individual contributions are $250 or less and a majority of the money raised is from individuals in Maine. Cain closed the quarter in a strong position a year ahead of the election with $367,521 cash on hand.

“While Bruce Poliquin is cashing in on his Wall Street connections and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars from the same big banks and corporations that his committee is supposed to regulate, I’m proud to have built one of the largest grassroots fundraising operations in Maine history,” said Cain. “I’m proud to say that I’ve earned the support of thousands of people from Maine and across the country.”

Cain’s fundraising momentum follows key endorsements from more than 250 local community leaders and elected officials, Maine labor groups including the American Postal Workers Union Local 458, American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Part-time Faculty Association Local 4593, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 567, and the national women’s group EMILY’s List.

Emily Cain’s grassroots success is in stark contrast to millionaire Wall Street darling Bruce Poliquin’s donors who are heavily weighted toward his connections in the financial services industry. Among Poliquin’s most notorious donors is Koch Industries.

Earlier this summer, Bruce Poliquin made headlines for taking in the 2nd highest haul from big banks and financial interest groups out of all 435 members of Congress.

Maine’s second congressional district race and the Cain/Poliquin head-to-head is one of the most highly anticipated re-matches in the country and just last week, a third national political rating organization moved the race to a “toss up.”